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Exotic Fallow Hunting


A medium sized, "rangy" deer; adult males with large palmate antlers. Bucks develop "spike" antlers beginning in their first year and until 3-4 years old, grow and cast only antlers comprised of beams and simple points. At 3-4 years of age males may develop antlers with broad, palmate areas that measure 8-25 cm in width; total length of antlers is up to 39 cm.

Fallow Deer are native to Asia and Europe and feature a range of coat colors, including fawn, chocolate, and white. These deer tend to range over spacious area and will only spend a short period of time in one location. A young fallow deer will begin breeding at about 18 months of age. The fallow mating season, sometimes referred to as the rut, will begin in late September and reach its peak in October. Does typically give birth to single fawns between late May and mid-June. These animals are browsers and grazers. The life span of a fallow deer is between 12 and 16 years. Male fallows can reach up to 230 pounds, while does can weigh between 55 and 150 pounds. These beautiful deer make excellent trophy animals and provide delicious venison.


Chocolate , Fawn & White
Fallow Buck Standard ------------- $6,500

Fallow Buck Elite ----------------- $7,500

Fallow Doe------------------------ $1,600

Note: Elite definition. Palmation width is greater than 5" wide on either side.

This is a general price list. Some animals may be reduced at the ranch.

Exceptional animals may be priced at a higher rate.

Blood Draw Policy : If blood is drawn on any animal, reguardless if animal is found, hunt is considered succesful and payment willbe due in full. We will make every effort to locate your trophy, even after your departure if neccessary.

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