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Axis Deer Hunts in Texas


Native to India, where it is known as the "chital", the axis deer was introduced into Texas about 1932 and is now the most abundant exotic species in Texas.

The axis features a reddish fawn color and white spots. An Axis deer hunt will shed its antlers yearly. The reproductive pattern in axis deer is similar to that in domestic cattle. In the wild, bucks with hardened antlers and in rutting condition may be found throughout the year. Each buck seems to have a reproductive cycle of its own which may not be synchronized with that of other bucks in the herd. Consequently, when some bucks are coming into rut, others are going out or are in a non-breeding condition, with no antlers and with their testes quiescent. Likewise, females experience estrous cycles throughout the year with each cycle lasting about 3 weeks. Gravid females may be found throughout the year, but the major breeding season lasts from mid-May through August with a June-July peak in activity.

The bucks make no attempt to collect or retain harems of does, but instead they seek out and service the does in each herd as they become receptive. Axis antlers typically are three-pronged and feature a curved lyre shape that can extend up to 2 ½ feet in length. This species can reach up to three feet in height at the shoulders and weigh as much as 240 pounds.

The life span of an axis ranges between 10 and 20 years in the wild and 25 or more in captivity. Normally, only one fawn is produced per pregnancy after a gestation period of 210-238 days. Reflecting the summer peak in rutting activity, nearly 80 % of Texas fawns are born in early January to mid-April, although fawns may arrive in all seasons. An Axis will feed on shrubs and tall grasses and will travel in herds of between 10 and 50 animals. Of all mammals, axis meat is the leanest. Axis venison is 99.8% fat free." Absolutely Beautiful Animals"



Axis Male----------------------------- $5,000

Axis Male 28"- 32"--------------------- $ 5,500

Axis Male Elite- 33" or greater ---------- $6,000

Axis Doe------------------------------ $ 1,000

Blood Draw Policy : If blood is drawn on any animal, reguardless if animal is found, hunt is considered succesful and payment willbe due in full. We will make every effort to locate your trophy, even after your departure if neccessary.

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