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Red Stag Hunts


Among the many species of antlered animals on the face of the planet, Red Stags are considered by many to be the most exquisite. These fascinating animals make for truly amazing trophy animals and serve as an excellent addition to any hunter’s collection. Mature Red Stags may have a dozen or more points that can measure a minimum of 36 inches in length. Red Stags are among the largest of all deer species and can weigh between 300 pounds and 530 pounds. The meat produced from a Red Stag hunt is known as venison and is considered to be such a delicacy; it is served in the world’s finest restaurants. Venison is also considered to be a healthy eating choice as it is lower in fat and higher in protein than either chicken or beef. Red Stag Ranch is proud to offer the best breed of Texas Red Stag hunts.

126" up to 150 "---------------------- $4,000
151" - 199" -------------------------- $7,000

200"- 250" -------------------------- $9,000

251"- 300" -------------------------- $12,000

301"- 350" -------------------------- $14,000

351"- 399 " --------------------------- $16,000

400"- 430" ---------------------------- $20,000

431"- 499" ---------------------------- $30,000

500" plus To Be Negotiated
  Red Hind --------------------------- $1,750

This is a general price list. Some animals may be reduced at the ranch.

Exceptional animals may be priced at a higher rate.

Blood Draw Policy : If blood is drawn on any animal, regardless if animal is found, hunt is considered successful, and payment will be due in full. We will make every effort to locate your trophy, even after your departure if neccessary.

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