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Hunting Season is in full swing here at RSR

Deer season is officially here. The start of Texas deer hunting season was ushered in on November 1. This year, prospects for quality bucks and trophy whitetail hunts are high. For Texan hunters, whitetail deer are majestic creatures, highly coveted. Among the different and vast types of deer, the whitetail proves to be the prized game in East Texas hunting. The cooler fall weather is a sign that hunting season is in full swing. For hunters who spend hours on end tracking and waiting for the perfect whitetail to come along, it is important for them to know more about the creature they are working so hard to catch. Here are some of the most interesting facts about whitetail deer. Trophy whitetail deer, that were originally native to America, come in all different sizes. When it comes to hunting, bigger is generally better, and with whitetail deer, big is what you get. Whitetail male deer can range anywhere from 60 to 400 pounds. While the female deer can round up to nearly 200 pounds. These large whitetailed deer make for great trophies after an afternoon of Texas whitetail hunting. These native species have learned to be very adaptable with their surroundings. When it comes to their habitat, whitetails can adapt to a variety of habitats that occur in different regions of the world with different temperatures. Although typically thought to resign in forests, whitetail deer can be located in places such as Mexico, Canada and various states within the United States. Like all deer, whitetails are ruminants. Ruminant animals have stomachs that are chambers. This allows deer to regurgitate their food at a later time for consumption. Ruminant comes from the word rumination which is the process of rechewing the cud to further break down plant matter and stimulate the mammal’s digestion. When it comes to food, whitetail deer are known to be herbivores. Whitetail deer base their diet solely on vegetable and fruits found within nature.The most popular food items consumed by deer include: acorns, blades of grass, mesquite beans, and various legumes. One of the biggest factors that Texas hunters must take into account when hunting for trophy whitetails is scent. Deer have an extremely powerful sense of smell that aids them in hiding from hunters. In fact, deer have around 300 million olfactory receptors which are responsible for detecting odor. In comparison, humans have 5 million receptors. While deer have a much stronger sense of smell than humans they also have stronger smell than cats and dogs. When hunting it is important for hunters to mask their scent and forgo perfume and cologne. When it comes to trophy hunting, humans are not the only ones on the prowl for whitetail deer. In their habitats, whitetails run into many predators. Some of the most common predators of whitetails include bobcats, wolves, cougars, bears, foxes and alligators. If you are looking to have a trophy whitetail hunt, look no further than Red Stag Ranch where dreams become reality.

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