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Texas Trophy Exotic Hunts

Red Stag Hosts The Finest Exotic Trophy Hunting Experiences.

The whitetail and exotic hunting at Red Stag Ranch is like no other. You will find a wide variety of exotic hunts as well as great trophy whitetails. Offering many different services available to our guest. We also have great accommodations waiting for you. Click on one of the links below to learn more about the hunts we have to offer.

                                 Processing & Taxidermy
Hunters may dress their own game or Red Stag Ranch will dress, quarter and ice down your game.  $100.00 per trophy.  "Tips Welcomed"
A local taxidermist is available. (Your Choice)  
Guided Services
All Texas exotic hunts include guide services.  If your pleased with your guide, tips are greatly appreciated. **Note- Know that a Wounded Animal is a Kill. If hunter elects not to harvest an animal then a $200.00 per day guide fee will be applied.
It is the guides call on a hit and payment is required on hit and wounded animals not recovered. We will make multiple attempts to recover wounded game. If we find animal after your departure, we will contact you.               
  • Texas hunting license , out of state hunters must have non resident license &  hunter safety course if born after sept.1971
  • Gun & ammo
  • Proper clothing (be prepared for any type of weather conditions)
  • Binoculars or spotting scope (or both)
  • Camera
  • Boots
  • Flashlight
  • Gloves
  • Cooler for meat
  • Friendly Disposition
Rifle Hire  (including ammo)  $75
All hunters will visit our gun range to qualify for Trophy Hunt.  Hunters will also sign a waiver of liability.

Call us today at 936-545-9505 to book your next trophy exotic hunts trip.

Contact us to reserve your next exotic hunting trip in Texas whether it is red stag, black buck or whitetail deer hunting trip.

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